Welcome to WP SEO Mastery!

WP (WordPress) SEO Mastery is a live, 5 week training program designed to get you more traffic, higher in the search engines and make MORE money on your site!

Here’s the kicker though…

This does require work on your part. We’re going to cover different topics each week in class, with the fourth week being a live Q & A call before our last class (4th class in the 5th week). It is IMPERATIVE that you do the work in between each class so you can follow along and optimize your site in REAL time while we’re showing you HOW to do it!

Here’s what you’ll learn in WP SEO Mastery

WP SEO Mastery is an in-depth workshop where you will learn the secrets which can elevate your website to the top of the search engine results pages.

Learn the tools and techniques to improve your ranking in the search engines.

  1. Terminology and Scope of Work to Improve Your Website Search Positions
  2. Where Your Site Currently Ranks on the Major Search Engines
  3. How Search Friendly Your Current Website Is
  4. How to Spy on Your Competitor and Get Higher Listings for Your Site
  5. Simple and Most Effective Changes to Bring You More Traffic
  6. Seo Myths and Truths
  7. Create Your Seo Strategy
  8. Keyword Research Tools
  9. How to Map Your Keywords to Your Website
  10. Site Architecture Makeover
  11. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions That Get Results
  12. SEO Copywriting Skills
  13. Measuring Your Results to Get Even More Hits

At the end of this workshop you will know how to find the right keywords to bring more visitors to your site, where you currently rank on the search engines and how to improve your listing and ranking.

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